Ideal Sales & Services is pleased to announce our Metal
Detector Certification Program, which is available regardless of the
brand of metal detector you are currently using.  

Due to US government regulations and implementation of mandated
HACCP programs as well as request from large food product buyers
to do third-party inspections of metal detectors, we have responded
to our customers needs to be the FIRST servicing company to
initiate the Metal Detector Certification program.

The program involves a certified technician inspecting each metal
detector and documenting each metal detector. Each metal detector
will be tested and certified to industry standards. Non compliance
metal detectors will be noted and recommendations for compliance
issued by the technician.

The Certification program will benefit our customers by the following:

1. Documents metal detection has been inspected.

2. Streamline SQF/BRC/ HACCP reporting issues.

3. Makes your buyer audits simple.

4. Keeps your product safe.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an inspection.
Training programs are also available to get the most value for your
metal detection systems.
Metal Detector
Certification Program

-HACCP Compliance-
-BRC/SQF Compliance-
-Critical Control point